Selections from Rupi Kaur’s Newest Poetry Collection, A Thousand Screaming Ants

your kisses

like rotten, balls of dirty mud dirt

dirty dirty dirty dirt

all from the earth we,



into a plant


water your plants with the tears of

a thousand screaming ants

the ants are boys

they are made of dirt also

they are balls of dirt

because they have balls

just waiting to be overlooked and

stepped on


i said balls

-rupi kaur

(nina wilson)


i want to apologize to all the women

i have been a bitch to

-rupi kaur

(nina wilson)


like a candle

you were wax

you melted

when there was that heatwave at madame tussauds

i should really stop pretending im in a relationship with george clooney

-rupi kaur

(nina wilson)



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